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In collaboration with real surgeons, scientists, and experts, Surge-on Medical has developed a patented meniscectomy tool call the ArtSurge Knee. Designed for optimal patient care it’s the smart choice for today’s medical teams.

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The ArtSurge Knee

The ArtSurge Knee is the world’s first steerable, detachable, and easy-to-clean arthroscopic knee cutter for knee surgery. It can reduce the number of pre-bent instruments needed per surgery to give surgeons more control over patient care.

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The Steerable Grasper

The Steerable Grasper is the first multi-steerable instrument on our advanced laparoscopic surgery line.
It allows surgeons to perform
advanced laparoscopic procedures
with a precision 2° tip wrist function.

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Surge-on Medical is focused on providing surgeons and medical practitioners with equipment designed specifically to improve patient care. Lead by a team of industry leaders, scientists, and medical professionals we develop minimally invasive arthroscopy and laparoscopy tools. Tools that are steerable, detachable, and help put patients on the road to recovery.

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