The ArtSurge Knee


The ArtSurge Knee is the world’s first steerable, detachable, and easy-to-clean arthroscopic knee cutter for knee surgery. It can reduce the number of pre-bent instruments needed per surgery to give surgeons more control over patient care. It allows them to “steer” towards remote or hard-to-reach locations more easily.

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Cable-Free Design

The steerable tip can help reduce operation times, minimize risks, and reduce reliance on multiple pre-bent instruments.

Improved Maneuverability

Our platform technology makes our system easier to disassemble, inspect, clean, and sterilize between uses.

Maintain Better Cleanliness

Improved cleaning efficiency makes it safer for patients and allows it to be used over and over again.

CE Certified

The ArtSurge Knee was certified with the CE mark for medical devices in May 2020. It has since been commercialized for use all over Europe. Pre-order yours today and start improving the care of your patients.

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Groundbreaking Technology

The ArtSurge Knee was designed to combine multiple endoscopic instruments into a single, easy-to-use system that better supports arthroscopic surgery. Our system integrates seamlessly into any surgical instrument to put surgeons more in control over every movement and procedure.
Surge-on Medical is currently adapting other tools—such as arthroscopic graspers, oval punches, scissors, and end effectors—to the steerable tip to further fit the needs of arthroscopic and trauma surgeons.

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Design and Preliminary Evaluation
of a Stiff Steerable Cutter for
Arthroscopic Procedures


Design and stepwise user evaluation of an
ergonomic 2 DOF arthroscopic cutter


The SATA, A simple, stiff, and rigid steering mechanism