A new version of the Steerable Punch is now available. As requested by our users and partners, Surge-on Medical developed a version of the instrument which is easier to detach and to assemble: the semi-detachable Steerable Punch.

The new instrument keeps the same functions and structure as in the original Steerable Punch. The big difference now is that it detaches in only two pieces. 

Achieve more with fewer parts

The adaptation was designed in such a way that it reduces the assembly hustle and the risk of damaging its internal sections due to inadequate handling while keeping the steerability and cleanability of the instrument.

The main advantages of the semi-detachable Steerable Punch are:

  • Faster assembly and disassembly time
  • Easier and more intuitive assembly process
  • Fully compliant with standard washers
  • Full cleanability using its customized cleaning tray

The cleaning studies on the instrument showed that the semi-detachable Steerable Punch is cleanable through standard cleaning processes. The next step is to assess the instrument at a clinical study in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology, Amsterdam UMC and Reinier de Graaf hospitals in the Netherlands.

Two versions, for all the needs

Surge-on Medical will keep both versions of the Steerable Punch available. As originally foreseen, the fully-detached Steerable Punch will be ideal for the use in hospitals and clinics in developing countries or remote areas with limited access to advanced cleaning and sterilization techniques. As the instrument can be fully detached in all its components, exposing the inner sections of the tip will allow a better cleaning by scrubbing by hand. 

The semi-detachable Steerable Punch will be ideal for European and advanced hospitals with high-tech cleaning and sterilization departments. As the instrument can be easily detached and placed in a customized cleaning tray connected to a flusher, the shafts and all parts of the instruments can be easily cleaned in the standard automated cleaning processes.

Both versions of the Steerable Punch are intended for performing minimally invasive meniscectomies. The uniqueness of the devices consists of the cable-free steering mechanism, that allows the tip of the instrument to steer according to the needs of the surgeon. You can read more about the patented mechanism and its benefits here

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