2019 was a successful year for Surge-on Medical, with exceeding the equity crowdfunding barrier at Aescuvest.eu as a great closure. In 2020 the world is facing an unprecedented challenge, but the overall effect on Surge-on Medical’s business activities have been relatively minor. In this update I’m sharing some of our achieved milestones and give an insight into what we’re planning in the next months.

Benno Groosman MScBA (CEO Surge-on Medical B.V.)


CE and Manufacturing: Ready to Scale

We’re finalizing the CE certification of the Steerable Punch. We’re expecting to register this class I medical device till the end of April, as we have finalized all the necessary documentation for this. This means effectively that from the moment of registration our Steerable Punch will be made available with a CE mark.

In this process, managed by our COO Audry Kaune, we have received great support from specialized consultants and our manufacturers in Germany and the Netherlands. This means that the very next step after registering the Steerable Punch will be the start of the first commercial production batch of this innovative instrument! We will be happy to give an update in due time.


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Product Roadmap and Patents: Disrupting Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surge-on Medical B.V. owns the exclusive rights to 4 different patents on the steerability, detachability and cleanability of our highpatently innovative inventions for minimally invasive surgery. In the past months these patents have been granted in additional countries, making our intellectual property rights even stronger.

With the Steerable Punch for arthroscopy and the Steerable Grasper for laparoscopy being the first two products, we have now also fine-tuned our product roadmap for the next generation of instruments for arthroscopy. This product roadmap is the result of our study on technical feasibility, market value, and the need such a new instrument would address. We have thoroughly researched five main fields of arthroscopic surgical applications, leading to dozens of instruments that can be disrupted by Surge-on Medical’s platform technology. We will publish a more detailed overview on that soon.


Team Expansion and Business Development: Building the Fundament for Growth

Since this year we’ve welcomed an extra mechanical engineer to our team, who has been especially supportive in the previously mentioned activities. After completing the CE, he will keep working on our next generation of products.

Although technological innovation is Surge-on Medical’s fundament, we are now particularly investing in and planning for business development activities (e.g. international partnering, sales and marketing, and demonstrations). Once the COVID-19 induced limitations on traveling and gatherings are lifted again, we will have an experienced business developer joining our team immediately. In the meantime, we’re not waiting quietly for that moment: before summer we’re expecting to deliver immersive online content that will help our clients to assess the advantages of the Steerable Punch and place pre-orders online, all to cover for this period where offline sales processes have become more difficult.


COVID-19 and Business: Boost to Creativity and Social Responsibility

For the past month, the Surge-on Medical team has been working from their home offices. With daily team updates and a full range of online collaboration tools, our business productivity has not declined. Actually, we’ve seen some creative initiatives from our team that we will also benefit from after this period. Lastly, our CTO Tim Horeman joined an initiative to develop new sterilization methods for the reusability of mouth masks (as the worldwide supply of new masks has been insufficient). This method now is recommended by the relevant Dutch authorities; you can read more about this social responsible initiative here.


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(Updated on June 9th, 2020. Links to the funding page removed as funding successfully completed).



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