A new scientific article about our unique steering mechanism has been published at Surgical Endoscopy. The study about the usability of this technology in a laparoscopic instrument culminated in the paper A new modular mechanism that allows full detachability and cleaning of steerable laparoscopic instruments”. It is a joint effort by our CTO Tim Horeman and a team of researchers from the Delft University of Technology and VU University Medical Center. You can access the article here.

This research is highly relevant for the efforts to switch towards efficient, reusable and easy to use instrumentation that comply with the new regulations on medical devices. “This first-ever paper about modular instruments for advanced laparoscopic surgery shows that it is possible to design complex instruments in a way that they can be re-used and re-processed for at least 60 times”, said Tim Horeman.

Surge-on Medical is responsible for the final development and market introduction of these instruments. The innovative technology is being used in Surge-on Medical’s laparoscopic line to develop steerable, cleanable and detachable surgical instruments with even more degrees of freedom.

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