The last nine months have been a thrill for Surge-on Medical. Since the launch of their equity crowdfunding campaign in August 2019, the company has been focused on raising funds and getting in touch with investors across Europe, without losing sight of daily operations and preparations for the future.

On December 2019, Surge-on Medical passed the initial funding barrier on its crowdfunding, while also presenting a new product, publishing a new scientific article on their unique technology, winning awards, and working towards achieving the CE mark on their first product.

If you haven’t been able to follow Surge-on Medical’s progress on the crowdfunding front and also on the operations line, now is the time to catch up and join the campaign before it’s over.

Disruptive Technology – An Update

As you know, Surge-on Medical is focused on empowering surgeons by delivering better surgical instruments that actually match their needs and that allow them to operate more easily and in a more comfortable way. Following the mantra of “simplicity is key”, Surge-on Medical is breaking the status quo in medical instrumentation, by developing steerable, detachable and cleanable instruments for minimally invasive surgery.

small-semi-detach Steerable Punch

Semi-detachable version of the Steerable Punch

The disruptive innovations can be seen in their portfolio of instruments. Their first product, the Steerable Punch for knee arthroscopy, has recently been presented into a new semi-detachable version as per the request of the end-users. As of May 2020, it is successfully registered and recognized with the CE mark for Class I medical devices, and it’s ready to start commercialization in Europe.

By always listening to the needs of the surgeons, Surge-on Medical has been able to innovate in other surgical fields as well. The laparoscopic line of instruments is still in development, but it has already featured in scientific articles, highlighting the benefits and value of this unique technology. One of the most anticipated features of Surge-on Medical’s laparoscopic instruments is their compatibility with robotic surgical systems, which will make them more affordable and easier to use.

Recognized Value

However, overall it’s the feedback and support from key opinion leaders that motivate Surge-on Medical’s team in their tasks. The unique platform technology has been tested from different end-user perspectives, and the feedback has confirmed that Surge-on Medical is on the right path of innovation.

Tim Munchen award

Surge-on Medical’s CTO Tim Horeman receiving the award for “Most Innovative Product”

The company works with researchers, professors, surgeons, OR-nurses, sterilization experts and medical device manufacturers to develop instruments that fulfill the market needs and provide real value to its users.

Additionally, Surge-on Medical has been awarded several prizes throughout the years. But just from the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, Surge-on Medical’s platform technology and unique products have received two awards in Europe: an award for “Most Innovative Product” and the recognition as “Europe’s Top 10 MedTech Providers 2019”.

This also reflects on the strong management team behind Surge-on Medical’s activities, whose mix of skills is what’s needed for a successful start-up. The co-founders, CEO Benno Groosman MScBA and CTO Tim Horeman, PhD complement each other in business and engineering, while COO Audry Kaune MSc brings project management and operational expertise.

Disruptive in Finance

The unique proposition of Surge-on Medical is not only visible in their patents, products, and strong team, but also in the funding approach they follow. The management team of Surge-on Medical, very aware of the traditional investment mechanisms, opted for a non-traditional approach that would match with their roadmap and boost their business model.

Benno Groosman, CEO, was very motivated to join the very first cross-border European equity crowdfunding campaign. “It is a great way to get the public, especially health care professionals, to become ‘part of our company’ to learn from them and to expand our ambassador’s base”, mentioned Benno when asked why joining an equity crowdfunding campaign through

The online exposure and large-scale media coverage have played a big role in the crowdfunding success and has even boosted the company’s business activities by attracting more surgeons interested in the instruments. Additionally, the partnership with EIT Health in this campaign was another motivating factor for Surge-on Medical to join, as the company got access to important decision-makers and investors in Europe thanks to the organization’s exclusive network.


As the equity crowdfunding approaches its end, it’s encouraging to walk through all the activities that took place in the past months and to take note of what’s coming next.

(Updated on June 9th, 2020. Links to the funding page removed as funding successfully completed).



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