Dear investors and friends of Surge-on Medical,

At Surge-on Medical we think that it’s always a great thing to meet potential investors directly in person in order to pitch our products and vision and respond to their questions. So, we packed our bags and hit the road.

Surge-on Medical Presented at  “Opening New Horizons for Health Investments Across Europe”

Surge-on Medical was invited to present at the exclusive lunch  presentation  “Opening New Horizons  for  Health Investments  Across  Europe”, held in Frankfurt on November 21st. The event was organized by Aescuvest, Surge-on Medical’s partner.

Benno Groosman, MScBA, CEO of Surge-on Medical, talked about the company and its growth goals that will be met through the current European crowdfunding campaign.

“It was an insightful event, and I’m happy that I was able to join it,” Benno said. “It was the perfect environment to present Surge-on Medical’s technology and crowdfunding campaign, including the impressive innovations of the other presenting companies. I had the opportunity to talk to several interested parties and I’m looking forward to what we can arrange in follow-up meetings”.

Connecting Investors  With  Better Opportunities

The aim of the event was to raise awareness for the new model of cross-border crowdfunding, the aescuvest platform, and its investment opportunities, where Surge-on Medical’s crowdfunding campaign is active.

The event addressed the financial community, such as professional investors, private asset managers, financial brokers, family offices, venture capitalists, business angels, and financial media. Additionally, what could have been a more fitting venue than Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital that hosts not only the country’s stock exchange but also the European Central Bank (ECB)?

If you missed this event, don’t worry! Please feel free to contact us to get all the information you need.

(Updated on June 9th, 2020. Links to the funding page removed as funding successfully completed).



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