Hello from Benno, Tim and Audry, from the Netherlands!

These are exciting times for healthcare innovations. Every day you are reading about amazing new technologies and equipment that are solving issues that seemed insolvable only a few years ago.

As Surge-on Medical, we’re excited to be part of this group of out-of-the-box thinkers with the goal of elevating the surgeons’ capabilities, to in turn improve our healthcare. And there’s even another reason to be excited about: It’s now also possible for innovative healthcare companies like us to be powered by equity crowdfunding campaigns across Europe!

But let’s start by introducing ourselves first. Surge-on Medical is a start-up focused on empowering surgeons.

And how do we do that? By delivering better surgical instruments that actually match the needs of surgeons and that allow them to operate easily and in a more comfortable way. We want to help surgeons to work unrestricted. They can for sure do more than what the current surgical instruments allow, and we have made it our purpose to give them a limitless range of surgical technologies.


Simplicity Is Key

We believe that the best innovations are based in simplicity. Better tools don’t have to be complex or expensive. We like breaking the status quo in instrumentation. We listened to what surgeons needed to say  and together we co-created a disruptive technology that the surgeons actually want -and would like!- to use.


Reinventing the Approach to the Solution

If you would ask us to describe what we do, we would reply that we don’t fix recurrent issues, we reinvent the approach to the solution. And little by little and through our patents, Surge-on Medical has grown from a one-product company into having a range of instruments in three surgical fields, and with many more new products in our portfolio for the immediate future.

As you can see, we are centered on delivering value for surgeons and therefore for patients. We want to keep developing the tools that patients and surgeons need in different surgical fields. Our steerable platform technology can be adapted to any instrumentation needs, to develop new free-dimensional instruments every day.


Surge on – with Us!

But of course, this ambitious goal can’t be achieved by us alone. With the support of our partners and local initiatives we have been able to achieve amazing milestones in the development of our free-dimensional instruments. Now imagine what we could achieve with a European crowdfunding effort!

Imagine yourself, as a surgeon, being able to expand your capabilities with better tools.

Imagine yourself, as a patient, knowing that you’re in the hands of capable surgeons that ALSO have the correct tools to translate their knowledge and skills into safer procedures. Let’s achieve this!

We’re Surge-on Medical, but now you can be Surge-on Medical, too. Let’s empower surgeons everywhere so they can do better what they do: taking care of our health.


(Updated on June 9th, 2020. Links to the funding page removed as funding successfully completed).


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