An innovative technology is only useful as long as it fulfills a market need and provides real value to its users. In this regard, we had a talk with Mr. Bart and Niels van Straten, Board of Directors of Van Straten Medical. Van Straten Medical is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of surgical instruments and has been in the front row of the development of Surge-on Medical’s first product line. If someone knows how the Steerable Punch and the technology it is based on appeal to distribution partners around the globe, it is the van Stratens.


Surge-on Medical: What motivated you to work with Surge-on Medical?

Bart van Straten: The innovation and the organization. The product is high-tech and has the ability to fill up a gap in the market. In this sense, it may even be considered as disruptive since it changes conventional methods. The organization behind the product is solid and has in-depth knowledge regarding these types of surgical procedures. Furthermore, the network of Surge-on Medical enables access to many international channels.

Surge-on Medical:
 What was your first impression on our steerable technology? Has it changed over time, how?

Bart van Straten: My first impression of the steerable technology was equivalent to the ‘Wow’ effect. It replaces conventional instruments. Until this day a wide array of instruments is needed, sterile in the OR. Steerable technology can replace this with a single instrument. We have been involved with the development and (part) manufacturing. We have seen the instrument being improved from prototype to a solid instrument. It not only increases patient safety, it also reduces hospital costs significantly. A combination with high potential!

Surge-on Medical:
 Do you see market potential on our steerable platform technology?

Bart van Straten: This steerable technology is expected to have great market potential as it will change conventional methods, increasing patient safety while reducing surgical procedure costs on a global scale. This new technology may contribute to change conventional procedures, to reduce costs and to increase the availability of sustainable surgery.

Surge-on Medical:
 What has been your involvement with the products of Surge-on Medical? And which products specifically?

Bart van Straten: Our involvement has been on the part of assembling the first batch of Steerable Punches and the design and manufacturing of the stainless-steel sterilization mesh basket. A ‘top-of-segment’ product such as the Steerable Punch needs an optimal casing to protect the instrument and keep it in new manufacturing condition before each and every procedure.

Surge-on Medical: What has been the reaction of other companies and hospitals around the world when you show them the Steerable Punch?

Niels van Straten: Great! I’ve taken the Steerable Punch during my meetings with distribution partners in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Norway and England, and their reaction has always been enthusiastic when they see the instrument. Our partners are impressed with the unique design of the instrument, especially with the steerability feature. They’re very interested in the Steerable Punch, as the disassembly feature of the instrument is of the utmost importance for cleaning and reusing it.
Additionally, I showed the instrument to an orthopedic surgeon in Argentina who showed a huge interest in it. He discussed the Steerable Punch with the chairman of the Argentinian national arthroscopy association and he’s eager to test it.

Surge-on Medical: Any other thoughts you want to share to the public about Surge-on Medical?

Bart van Straten:
 Of course. Surge-on Medical is placing in the market a disruptive new technology to bring patient safety and sustainable surgery to every OR!


It’s very pleasing to see the highly positive response that the Steerable Punch has received worldwide, and Surge-on Medical is looking forward to collecting more enthusiastic reactions from surgeons and partners from around the world.


(Updated on June 9th, 2020. Links to the funding page removed as funding successfully completed).


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